Timeline of Events

What follows is a timeline of events in the IPL, along with a short summary. The timeline uses chapter divisions in order to maintain a general fluidity with the Pokémon timeline, which is more fluid than water.

GT Syn: Origins


  • Karine dies. Kamata and Byzant have a falling out, with Cayman being left with the responsibility of taking care of the other GT Syn members. Kamata goes back to his business, while Byzant goes off in search of more trainers to tutor.

Chapter Zero

  • The IPL is founded by Kamata Koide on an island he bought. Significant amounts of funds go into the development of the island, a former tourist spot, into what is now called Challenger Island. Kamata cedes civil responsibility of the island to what becomes the Challenger Island Trust. The IPL is formally opened in May of that year. As if waiting for the opportunity, Madame Toh Fu joins from Kanto as a second administrator.

Chapter One

Severe Storm Warning

  • Tropical Storm Prima threatens to engulf the Challenger Archipelago. The CIT issue a warning for all trainers to assist in the evacuation of all non-critical staff.

Critical Infrastructure

  • Trainers manage to evacuated a significant number of trainers from the island, however, critical infrastructure is left severely hampered, and trainer support is required once more.

Kalos + Mixalot

  • Several trainers assist businesses around the Commercial District in order to return life in the IPL back to normalcy. Meanwhile, a warning comes in of a large unidentified object approaching Challenger Island.

Something This Way Comes

  • A giant Regigigas attacks the island, coming between Challenger Island and Ula Island, nearly destroying one of the bridges spanning across it, when trainers and the Challenger Defense System (Electrode Army) take it down, revealing it to be a massive artificial construct.

Epilogue: The Settling Of Dust

  • Investigation of the inside reveals that it was made by none other than Angelus. Kamata has to confront the gravity of the situation – Ailean Sailcirc is very much alive.

Chapter Two

Prologue – The Eon Festival

  • The Island hosts the Eon Festival, a preliminary event in preparation for the Grand Conference. The Festival Market is the prime destination, and trainer get their stalls together just in time for a mystery guest to arrive on the island.


The mystery guest turns out to be Siebold, a member of the Kalos Elite Four. Kamata takes him on a tour of Challenger Island. Throughout he is challenged by various trainers, but finds the whole exercise boring. Kamata and Marlowe talk to Siebold about his disappointment, when he contacts Malva and gets Holo Caster broadcast rights for an upcoming battle event on the island.

The Fiercest Among You

The battles begin on the Grand Prix Arena. Kamata takes some time aside as he has learned from GT Syn member Content Not Found: ecko that Angelus plans to attack the island using EMP disruption. He calls on GT Works while the battles begin, but he is already worried as Siebold is showing signs of disappointment.

The Hint

  • While the battles take place, GT Works are busy installing monitoring hardware throughout the archipelago in order to prevent a suspected terrorist attack by Angelus on the island. Content Not Found: astraea crowdsources the installation of the EM monitors to prevent an attack on the archipelago.


  • As Siebold angrily returns to Kalos to report on the lack of enthusiasm from trainers during both the festival and the crisis concerning Angelus, Kamata orders Carpo to start defusing devices and removing the decoys. When Carpo leaves, Kamata ventures to the inner sanctum of his office and contacts the other two GT Syn co-founders, and pleads with them to approve a sanction called the Lethality Directive, allowing trainers to act with lethal force without impunity. All three reluctantly give their approval, and the Directive is set to come into force in 24 hours.
  • Meanwhile, on the Karine, GT Works are slowly getting around to defusing the EMP devices they have verified. Impatient, Thallus dives out of the helicarrier. acting on a hunch on where Aemil is. He crashes into Torefi island, and runs into Content Not Found: aemil, but realises that he had left his Poké Balls back on the Karine. A fight ensues and Thallus is injured, but Eirene comes to the rescue and provides enough of a distraction to pass one of Thallus’s Pokémon to him, allowing him to catch Aemil momentarily off-guard. Feeling outnumbered, he vanishes from view, just as Carpo contacts the team with the news that the devices have been defused successfully.

Finale: Confrontation

  • In the night, Aemil murders two IPL personnel, and casts a spell splitting himself into three, each possessing a Mega Pokémon, then disappears into the night in a mission of terror. Meanwhile, Kamata publicly broadcasts the implementation of the Lethality Directive, and several trainers take him on his word of no prosecution, hunting and then dispatching of Aemil Perez overnight.

Epilogue: The New Age

  • With Aemil dispatched, Kamata recalls the Lethality Directive. He gives cold instructions to his security team regarding Aemil’s Pokémon, and returns to his office when the airport notifies him that someone with dated IPL clearance has arrived. Upon arriving at the airport, he finds Anya there, now representing Diantha, the Kalos League Champion.
  • Meanwhile, Majorca receives instructions from her handler, and gets ready to depart for Challenger Island.

Timeline of Events

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