Kamata Koide

Senior Administrator of the International Pokémon League.


Gender: Male
Birthday: April 4
Height: 5’9" / 1.75m
Weight: 120lbs / 68kg
Personality: Kamata is very protective of the League and its interests, but also keeps an eye out of external threats to the Archipelago.


Born in Snowpoint, Kamata started a breeding business in southern Sinnoh. His investments started paying off, and he started a journey throughout the regions of the Pokémon World. A champion of all regional Leagues (except Alola) and a frighteningly powerful trainer – as well as one of the founding members of elite trainer organisation GT Syn and offshoot group GT Works – Kamata was eager to found a league where trainers completing their League Challenge can go to progress.

He is the founder and Senior Admin of the IPL, and four rooms in the League HQ (his room, the interview room, the data centre and his study) can only be accessed with a key which only he possesses. He is an erudite scholar and battles as if playing chess. He has a tendency of throwing Pokéballs with high spin, as if a projectile, to distract or annoy opposing Pokémon. His team have endured intensive drills, and are usually allowed to think on their own during a battle, displaying frightening degrees of independence and strategy, almost to the degree that they no longer need to constantly listen to Kamata during battle.

Kamata Koide

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