Thallus Ross

The GT Works enforcer with the mouth of a sailor.


Thallus was raised in the streets of Unova. His parents abandoned him when he was youngster, and he learned to fend for himself around the urban sprawl. When Kamata first discovered him, he admired the young man’s tenacity, but felt the need to focus the aggression, so he was sent to train with Byzant for a few years. Once he was “released”, he joined GT Works alongside Carpo, Astraea, and Eirene.

During Aemil Perez’s invasion of the Archipelago, Thallus was seriously injured during a skirmish with the trainer. He spent the remainder of the following year recovering in Unova, as part of his team taking a short rest at the conclusion of the conflict.

During the events of New Year (State Of Mind), GT Works was sent out to Lumiose City to investigate rumours that Ailean Sailcirc was headquartered there.

Thallus Ross

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