Mana Kawai

Marine Biologist in Residence


Gender: Female
Birthday: December 9
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 85 lbs
Personality: Mana is easygoing, and while she has a formidable team, she prefers research to battle. She prefers sleeping out in the wild, and usually only comes back to Challenger Island from Sanctuaria to resupply and catalogue her findings.


Born in Konikoni City in Akala, Alola, Mana has always had a fascination for the water. She travelled to Kanto for a time to complete the League Challenge there, and felt a desire to help record and report on Pokémon species in Alola as the region was gearing up to establish its own league. She completed the Island Challenge a bit late compared to the other islanders, and was recruited shortly after by Cayman and Ecko after observing her on her first and only visit to the Battle Tree. She was sent to the Challenger Archipelago as part of the training program for new members of GT Syn, and Kamata put her on assignment as the resident marine biologist, headquartered in Sanctuaria Island (the only permanent human resident there).

In addition to her love of sea life, she has a fascination with ancient languages. Part of the reason she agreed to move to the Archipelago was her interest in the writing inscribed on the ruins found at Torefi Island.

Mana does an exhaustive amount of research on a subject before tackling it, and if called to battle, she will use every resource available to study an opponent before battling. She believes that everything has a pattern (even the seemingly unpredictable), and understanding the patterns is the key to victory (or discovery, as the case may be)

Mana Kawai

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