Liam Aur

Star-Struck Astronomer


Gender: Male
Birthday: November 9
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 100 lbs
Personality: Liam is a bit absent-minded and has is primarily nocturnal, preferring to stay awake and do observations during the evening.


Born in Unova but raised in Alola, Liam grew fascinated with the stories of Pokémon from the sky, and grew to believe that it was in the stars where the origin of Pokémon lay. To this end he began to study astronomy and astrophysics in Hoenn and Unova, and completed his studies with observations at Mount Hokulani in Unova. He had been doing observations in Mount Hokulani for a year when he was approached by Ecko and recruited into GT Syn. Ecko believed that Liam’s expertise would be best used in the Archipelago, which was sorely lacking a resident astronomer. In addition, Liam’s observation skills would ensure that at least one pair of eyes was monitoring the skies above Challenger Island.

As one of the few nocturnal residents on the Archipelago, Liam is rarely seen unless a visit is made to the observatory in western Challenger Island at night.

Liam Aur

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